Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A great week!

The Sodertje Zone!

Hello all, 
Life is going well here in Eskilstuna and I'm starting to see green grass everywhere (although the snow isn't all melted).  With that is the sun and the warmth, we can now go out in just white shirts.  It will be the first time on my mission where I don't wear a suit every day.  I swear though that as the weather has been getting warmer half of the country has come out of hibernation.  The people here love the sun, and love the summer.  Yesterday while on a train we saw a guy in a lawn chair out in the snow just sitting in the sun.  The one downside to all this is that the sun rises at like 5:30 and sets at 9, it was 8 o clock pm and light out yesterday, kind of weird.  
    This last week we had zone training so all of our zone came together for a training by Elders Carr and Geddes (my first companion).  We talked about the Second Harvest and about our role in missionary work.  We all know that the second harvest is going to take place but the real question is what do we want our role to be in the second harvest.  We spent a lot of the training creating private goals and deciding what kind of things we want to do on the mission and who we want to be as missionaries. 
   This last week we have seen some fruits of our labors here in Eskilstuna.  We have two new investigators, one whom we found while knocking on doors trying to find people who are interested, the other one was a referral from other missionaries.  I know that as we work in faith we can find people who are interested in the gospel. 
   The perfect ending to this last week was General Conference.  For General Conference we went back down to Västerhaninge in Stockholm since that was the closest place it was shown. General Conference warmed my heart and I am sure every other missionary over the world enjoyed it quite a bit.  There was a lot about missionary work.  About how missionary work is a conjoined effort of members and missionaries with the bishop as the head of a wards missionary efforts.  There's a great wave of missionary work covering the globe, we need to catch the wave.  We need to find out what part we are going to have in the building of the kingdom.  
   Äldste Jonathan Moe

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