Monday, November 18, 2013

Be happy!

A group of missionaries in my area!
My MTC group a year later (missing two people)

 Hello everyone,  

     This last week has been very cool, a lot has happened.  But I guess a busy life isn't a bad life at all.  It just means a lot of stuff is happening.  And considering that all of the stuff has to do with missionary work there is no way I can complain.  A lot of annoying, frustrating, depressing, defeating, horrible things happen to missionaries all the time.  We have to deal with all of that while trying to meet with people.  It's taught me to have faith, patience, diligence, and to always try to be happy.  The only reason why I am as happy as I believe I am is because it's God's work.  True happiness is to be found in the work of salvation and service, its waiting for all of those who want to take part.  I really am happy, even in the hardest of struggles.
   A struggle we have really been seeing is having people follow through with commitments.  There is a point when you have to realize that the agency of others exists.  And we need to respect it, our agency is one of the greatest gifts God has given to us. We have to honor everyone's free agency.  Even if someone does not come to church, or read after saying they would, there is a point where we just have to be happy with the work and the efforts we have performed.
   So this last week there was a transfer, Elder Tomlinson (whom I'll miss) has left and I now have Elder Jones from Stansbury Park, UT.  He is a good missionary and we're both excited for the time we have here in Södertälje.  I'm always sad to see companions transferred but also excited for the opportunity to work with someone new.  It's bittersweet!
   Something that is very important in missionary work is contacting on the way.  The Lord told Joseph Smith that there is no need for his elders to move swiftly while there are people on the wayside.  We try and reach out to those we pass on the street to introduce the gospel to.  I have seen blessings from contacting those on the way.  All we need to do is remember that we are all just Brothers and Sisters trying to make it through this life. 
    I love being here in Södertälje.  The work is going very very well, but it's the Lords work, so no surprise there.
Med Vänlig Hälsningar,
     Äldste Jon Moe

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Södertälje with the autumn leaves!

Hej everyone!

   These last two weeks have been some of the busiest for me.  At the beginning of the week, we ran by someone whose name we found in missionary records.  He lives right near our apartment and so we decided to go by instead of going home early for dinner.  We didn't know why missionaries stopped meeting with him and neither did he.  We met with him and began talking about what he had learned before from the missionaries.  We found out very shortly that he believes in the Book of Mormon and in the Church.  As a matter of fact, baptism is something he has always wanted to do.  At the time though it was a little too hard for him.  After meeting with him we set a goal and hopefully hell be baptized in December. 
     On Sunday November third we saw two people we had been teaching be baptized.  They are so solid.  Such strong testimonies, and both had only been in contact with the church for four weeks.  One was the son to a very strong member family we have here in Södertälje.  There is not much that could bring more joy then seeing Boakai Sandy Sr. baptize Boakai Sandy Jr.  That's what its all about, eternal families.  
   We did very well together but sadly Äldste Tomlinson is transferring out from Södertälje.  He is needed elsewhere.  My new companion will be Äldste Jones from Utah.
   Just a couple of days ago we had the opportunity to go to the temple in Västerhaninge with some long time and some newly baptized members  It was really cool seeing them go to the temple for the first time.  There is a special spirit in the temple that only exists there.  It is where heaven and earth meet.  
   I am privileged to be serving in Sweden during a very exciting time.  This last week a branch which normally has 20 people in church had 52.  Prayers are being answered and through faith miracles are happening.  We have met a few people who would like to get baptized here in Södertälje.  The members here are among the best in the world I am sure.  They support our missionary work and seek out their own opportunities to do missionary work.  
   Äldste Moe

Sunday, November 10, 2013

One of the best weeks of my mission!

Happy Day for us all!


Jonathan didn't send a blog post this week just some awesome photos.  He and Aldste Tomlinson had a great week as you can see by the attached photos.  Please keep the missionaries in your prayers especially the ones unaccounted for in the Philippines.  Let's keep everyone hit by the typhoon in our prayers.  Such a sad time.

Lots of love,

Marilee Moe