Monday, November 18, 2013

Be happy!

A group of missionaries in my area!
My MTC group a year later (missing two people)

 Hello everyone,  

     This last week has been very cool, a lot has happened.  But I guess a busy life isn't a bad life at all.  It just means a lot of stuff is happening.  And considering that all of the stuff has to do with missionary work there is no way I can complain.  A lot of annoying, frustrating, depressing, defeating, horrible things happen to missionaries all the time.  We have to deal with all of that while trying to meet with people.  It's taught me to have faith, patience, diligence, and to always try to be happy.  The only reason why I am as happy as I believe I am is because it's God's work.  True happiness is to be found in the work of salvation and service, its waiting for all of those who want to take part.  I really am happy, even in the hardest of struggles.
   A struggle we have really been seeing is having people follow through with commitments.  There is a point when you have to realize that the agency of others exists.  And we need to respect it, our agency is one of the greatest gifts God has given to us. We have to honor everyone's free agency.  Even if someone does not come to church, or read after saying they would, there is a point where we just have to be happy with the work and the efforts we have performed.
   So this last week there was a transfer, Elder Tomlinson (whom I'll miss) has left and I now have Elder Jones from Stansbury Park, UT.  He is a good missionary and we're both excited for the time we have here in Södertälje.  I'm always sad to see companions transferred but also excited for the opportunity to work with someone new.  It's bittersweet!
   Something that is very important in missionary work is contacting on the way.  The Lord told Joseph Smith that there is no need for his elders to move swiftly while there are people on the wayside.  We try and reach out to those we pass on the street to introduce the gospel to.  I have seen blessings from contacting those on the way.  All we need to do is remember that we are all just Brothers and Sisters trying to make it through this life. 
    I love being here in Södertälje.  The work is going very very well, but it's the Lords work, so no surprise there.
Med Vänlig Hälsningar,
     Äldste Jon Moe

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