Friday, January 24, 2014

Hello from Helsingborg

 So, I'm in Helsingborg!  I've only been here four days but it's been an amazing four days.  Elder Stafford (my companion) and I get along way good!  Him and I met at EFY together five years ago and we have some other weird connections.  He has not been in the area too much longer than I have so we get to learn a lot of it together.  I hopefully will get to go see more of Helsingborg today as the last couple of days have been really crazy.
   On Thursday we had zone training and I got to meet all of the missionaries throughout the Helsingborg zone.  They are all super cool and you can tell the work is important to them. I am privileged to come down here and serve with them.  The day was all about following the promptings of the spirit.  And how the spirit will naturally guide our decisions, actions, and thoughts as long as we are doing everything we can to keep him with us and as long as we try to always do what is best.  We all focused a lot on the attributes of the Holy Ghost and how we can, from his attributes, know what invites him.  Just how we know that if we organize a basketball game our friends who love basket will come.  We need to always do the things needed to invite the Holy Ghost.  And since he is the best player, we can't lose once we make sure he can be there.
   Leaving Södertälje was not the funnest thing I have done but I love it here, already.  On Saturday two members in the ward got married.  It was great to see the whole ward come together and support the new couple, it was also an amazing chance for me to get to know them all, and I love it here.
Puss och Kram!
   Äldste Jon Moe

Friday, January 17, 2014

Jonathan was transferred to Helsingborg on Wednesday

Helsingborg City Hall with Denmark in the background.

Jonathan was just transferred to the southern most part of Sweden.  He'll be able to travel to Denmark to the temple.  He was really sad to leave Sodertalje but Helsingborg will be a good change for him, especially during the cold winter months ahead.  Jonathan's address hasn't changes since everything still passes through the Swedish Stockholm Mission Office.

Monday, January 13, 2014


Having a rest!
Me, Konta and Aldste Jones

Happy New Year everyone!  
It's strange to think it's 2014.  It still feels like 2012 for me but I have to accept the fact that time seems to fly.  New Year's was amazing!  We spent it with friends and our ward family.  In Sweden the cities and counties don't do large firework shows but everyone buys a ton of fireworks personally and launches them off so the skies are completely lit up.  It's insane on New Years.
  Since New Years there's been a lot going on.  We finally got a lot of snow.  And now temperatures are an average of -5*C.  This morning when we got into the car it said it was 10 degrees below.  Which is around 15 degrees Fahrenheit.  So quite cold.
   This last Saturday, a man was baptized into the church.  We got to the church early to help organize everything and realized that the parking lot was covered in snow.  We immediately began clearing the snow, then the man getting baptized arrived and helped us clear the parking lot!  Shoveling snow turned into a snowball fight between the three of us.  He is now a baptized and confirmed a member.  He bore his testimony right after he was baptized.  It was very powerful and the spirit was strong in the room.  He has a strong will to follow Christ.    He has a beautiful testimony.
  I have loved being here in Södertälje but I will be moving this Wednesday.  I am moving to Helsingborg, a city towards the southern part of Sweden.  I am sad to be leaving all of the friends I have made here.   However, I'm very excited to experience something new and see another part of the country.  The members here in Södertälje are amazing!  I'm going to miss them like I miss the members in my other areas.  I really feel as if I was able to become close to them in my time here.  I'm making lifelong friends here and definitely creating lifelong habits that I want to take home with me.  For example, setting goals, following the spirit and seeking God's will for me.  
     I miss my friends and family from home and would love to hear from you all.  Thank You to everyone that has sent me emails, letters and packages in the last few months.  I really appreciate all the love and support from my family, my friends, and my ward. 
Lots of Love,
   Jonathan Moe

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year!!!

Images from Christmas 
Christmas Eve dinner
At Italo's place
 Sodertalje Zone

      I've loved celebrating a typical Swedish Christmas here in Södertälje.  The members were welcoming and kind to us missionaries.  Although there has not been snow on the ground we've still been able to keep the Holiday spirit.
    Last Tuesday we were asked to come contacting with the new missionaries who came in to the mission.  It brought me back to a year ago when I first arrived in Sweden.  I remember how much I looked up to those missionaries I went contacting with my first day in Sweden.  It made me excited to think that I had the opportunity to be one of those older experienced elders.
    Last week we also had the Christmas Conference.  All of the missionaries in the northern half of Sweden were there.  The conference was centered on the Book of Mormon and its importance in our work.  How our job is to present information in a clear way and challenge people to act.  We need to leave converting up to the Book.  The day after the conference I was able to return to Eskilstuna for splits.  I got to see quite a few of the members there which was very cool.  While waiting for the bus I had a feeling to talk to a man, he had already seen us and looked away.  I thought that I shouldn't as he had already looked away but then thought to myself "Do I really want to remember myself as not obeying a prompting I received?"  I began talking to him and he ended up being very positive.  Not only that but he was good friends with the Stake President!  If we are keeping our eyes open we will be guided to what we are supposed to do, then we need to act on the information we receive.  
   Church on Sunday we had a Christmas program.  So church was just an hour long and filled with musical numbers on the birth of the savior and a story telling of his birth.  It helped bring in the Christmas spirit which is the same as the spirit of Christ.  As people treat each other with kindness and giving we can feel the love that we all have for each other as a human family.
   Here in Sweden Christmas is really celebrated the night before on Christmas eve, this is when Santa comes with presents, everyone dances around the Christmas tree, the big Christmas dinner takes place, and all of Sweden stops to watch Kalle Anka.  Or Donald Duck in the U.S.  Every Christmas eve starting at three no stores are open, and everyone watches a Donald Duck special which is the same every year.  A funny tradition but a cool tradition to have.  
   Monday night through Christmas night we were with ward families in their homes.  We were able to spend time with the Birgerssons, Schiazzanos, and the Lidberg families.  This has been one of my favorite Christmases since I've been able to give more of myself.  I've had the opportunity to serve others and live closer to Christ.  I'm grateful for all the Christmas wishes I received from family and friends and wish the same back to all of you.  
Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!
  Äldste Moe