Friday, January 24, 2014

Hello from Helsingborg

 So, I'm in Helsingborg!  I've only been here four days but it's been an amazing four days.  Elder Stafford (my companion) and I get along way good!  Him and I met at EFY together five years ago and we have some other weird connections.  He has not been in the area too much longer than I have so we get to learn a lot of it together.  I hopefully will get to go see more of Helsingborg today as the last couple of days have been really crazy.
   On Thursday we had zone training and I got to meet all of the missionaries throughout the Helsingborg zone.  They are all super cool and you can tell the work is important to them. I am privileged to come down here and serve with them.  The day was all about following the promptings of the spirit.  And how the spirit will naturally guide our decisions, actions, and thoughts as long as we are doing everything we can to keep him with us and as long as we try to always do what is best.  We all focused a lot on the attributes of the Holy Ghost and how we can, from his attributes, know what invites him.  Just how we know that if we organize a basketball game our friends who love basket will come.  We need to always do the things needed to invite the Holy Ghost.  And since he is the best player, we can't lose once we make sure he can be there.
   Leaving Södertälje was not the funnest thing I have done but I love it here, already.  On Saturday two members in the ward got married.  It was great to see the whole ward come together and support the new couple, it was also an amazing chance for me to get to know them all, and I love it here.
Puss och Kram!
   Äldste Jon Moe

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