Monday, January 13, 2014


Having a rest!
Me, Konta and Aldste Jones

Happy New Year everyone!  
It's strange to think it's 2014.  It still feels like 2012 for me but I have to accept the fact that time seems to fly.  New Year's was amazing!  We spent it with friends and our ward family.  In Sweden the cities and counties don't do large firework shows but everyone buys a ton of fireworks personally and launches them off so the skies are completely lit up.  It's insane on New Years.
  Since New Years there's been a lot going on.  We finally got a lot of snow.  And now temperatures are an average of -5*C.  This morning when we got into the car it said it was 10 degrees below.  Which is around 15 degrees Fahrenheit.  So quite cold.
   This last Saturday, a man was baptized into the church.  We got to the church early to help organize everything and realized that the parking lot was covered in snow.  We immediately began clearing the snow, then the man getting baptized arrived and helped us clear the parking lot!  Shoveling snow turned into a snowball fight between the three of us.  He is now a baptized and confirmed a member.  He bore his testimony right after he was baptized.  It was very powerful and the spirit was strong in the room.  He has a strong will to follow Christ.    He has a beautiful testimony.
  I have loved being here in Södertälje but I will be moving this Wednesday.  I am moving to Helsingborg, a city towards the southern part of Sweden.  I am sad to be leaving all of the friends I have made here.   However, I'm very excited to experience something new and see another part of the country.  The members here in Södertälje are amazing!  I'm going to miss them like I miss the members in my other areas.  I really feel as if I was able to become close to them in my time here.  I'm making lifelong friends here and definitely creating lifelong habits that I want to take home with me.  For example, setting goals, following the spirit and seeking God's will for me.  
     I miss my friends and family from home and would love to hear from you all.  Thank You to everyone that has sent me emails, letters and packages in the last few months.  I really appreciate all the love and support from my family, my friends, and my ward. 
Lots of Love,
   Jonathan Moe

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