Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Transferring to Stockholm!

Entrance to a mall in Malmo.  Sweden has interesting architecture.
Me and Aldste Muirbrook
I love these guys that I get to serve with.
Family Wilkstrom from Helsingborg
Hej everyone,

   This week is going to be my last one down in the south for now.  On Wednesday, I am moving up to be in Täby, an area in Stockholm.  I have heard the ward is great and loving, but I am as always, going to miss the people I am leaving here in Helsingborg.  It has been sunny for a while now but up in Stockholm its going to snow again today and it's still a bit darker.  So I get to go back into winter.  I am very excited though.  I will once again be companions with Elder Tomlinson and we got a lot done together back in Södertälje.  I haven't been in Helsingborg very long but the best part about leaving an area is thinking about the changes that happened while you were there, in yourself and in the ward, and in the people you knew.  Doing this I have been able to recognize growth in every area, in myself and in the work.  
  This last week, we had a conference in Göteborg and we talked quite a bit about the lessons we are teaching.  As missionaries a quality lesson is not necessarily a lesson where we present as much as we can, but rather when we have helped them come closer to Christ.  The assistants challenged us to find ways to teach more meaningful condensed lessons.  We were also reminded about the large help we can be in the wards we serve in, how we are still members and still part of our ward families, even if we are just there temporarily.  Also, this last week the entire mission received iPhone 5c.  The phones have already been helping us greatly.  They're going to continue to help the work go forward.  With all of these technologies and new duties the work isn't necessarily changing, just how we do it is changing a bit.  
     This last week, we were teaching someone again who is really coming to learn about Christ for the first time.  She learned about baptism and talked about how that is something she would love to do but she does not feel like her faith is there yet.  She spoke about how she wants to develop that faith to the point where baptism would have that sacred meaning it's supposed to have.  Her concern about baptism showed us just how much this meant to her and just how important she was taking it.  I know this is the gospel that can help people find peace.  I feel as if I often forget that myself.  
  One thing I really admire about the people in Helsingborg is the joy they have.  The members in Helsingborg are a happy people.  And their happiness does not come from the world but from Christ.  After having gotten to know them I realized that I have learned a lot from them and could learn quite a bit more from them.  They are perfect examples of 2 Nephi 27: 30.  When we base our joy and our happiness in Christ then as the wave of life take us for a journey we will continually have peace because Christ is immovable, and perfect.  When we ground ourselves in him we receive that sure foundation.  


   Äldste Jonathan Moe

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