Saturday, May 10, 2014

   Hey everyone,

  I have been very good, and very very busy.  In the last couple weeks we have had baptisms, we've traveled around Sweden, Met some new missionaries at the airport, saw some old missionaries off, celebrated a few Swedish holidays, and more.  I'll try and do it all justice with this blog update. 
   First and best, a 19 year old Swedish girl we have been teaching was baptized this last Saturday.  She is super cool, and super outgoing.  In Stockholm there is an institutes center for YSA's, she fits in there perfectly and gets along with everyone.  She is even super close with some members in the ward.  Her family is not super religious but she has seen the roll it can play in our lives.  She is a very good example to me and it is meeting and teaching such people that makes me really feel like I am making a difference.  She sadly is moving closer to Göteborg in a few weeks and so wont be in Täby ward for much longer but it will be really good.  
    This last week I got to go back to Södertälje, the city I served in six months ago, it was just on splits but I got to see quite a few members as it was ward cleaning day.  They all remembered me and seeing them helped remind me of all of the good times I had there, with members, non-members, and other missionaries.  I am super grateful for the people I have been able to visit and get to know as a missionary.
    I mentioned that we had new missionaries come into Sweden!  And yes, we had two new elders straight from the training center in Utah.  We were able to meet them at the airport and it was a wonderful experience getting to walk them through their first couple days in Sweden.  As their first day came to a close they were so tired they were falling asleep in orientation.  It wont be the last time they are tired on their missions.  At the same time they came in with such strong faith and energy, it is admirable.  They will be amazing missionaries here.  It is comforting knowing that as good missionaries leave there are always new ones coming in eager to push the work forward here in Sweden.  
   Now to speak of the flip side.  The day after being with these young missionaries we were able to spend time with six missionaries leaving the mission.  Talk about a change of scene.  I think one of the most powerful moments of the week is when we were sitting in the mission home with all of them and President Newell and they bore their testimonies one last time in Sweden.  The spirit was so strong in that room, their gratitude was amazing.  It makes me super grateful and happy for my mission. All six f those missionaries who left are amazing people and good friends of mine.  I had been companions with one, Elder Tietjen in Skövde.  Then two others I had served near, Syster Haynes when I was in Eskilstuna, and I lived with Elder Newkirk when I was in Vendelsö.  I will definitely miss all of the people in this group, the mission is worse without them.
   I would like to end with an amazing experience I was blessed to have this last week.  The first man I taught who was baptized is named Ståle Bryde.  He is an amazing man, I have always known that but just today I found out something very cool.  Over the last year he has been a ward missionary and this last Sunday he received the Melchizedek Priesthood.  I called to congratulate him and we were able to catch up quite a bit.  He shared that he had in fact given out 7 copies of The Book of Mormon to people around him, and he had introduced many to the missionaries.  He is so missionary minded.  He is amazing!  He is making plans to go through the temple soon.  I am very excited for this.
  So, to sum of this week, I am extremely grateful, I love my mission, I try and work hard and be the best I can to make up for these blessing but I will always fall short.  I'm grateful for Jesus Christ and his atonement, and grateful for everything that he does.
   Äldste Moe

p.s. the church's amazing easter video, a must watch,

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