Sunday, July 6, 2014

Stockholm Innerstan Area!

President and Syster Newell
Stockholm!  I have wanted to serve in Innerstan Stockholm since I was in the MTC.  And now I am here. I really do like this city, it has a good feeling to it and is super clean as well.  Now that is is summer the city is filled with tourists.  Luckily, it's very warm and beautiful during this time of year.  And the north light makes cities seem even more magical during the summer, with sunsets being later in the evening it stays light until well past ten.  Today, P-day, we even went down to Södertälje and played beach volleyball.  We're enjoying the Swedish summer for it's short stay.  
   Most of our teaching we do here is in the outreach center, also called the institute center or YSA (young single adult) center.  It's a place where activities are held for YSA's multiple times throughout the week. Also, it's a home base for YSA's here in Stockholm.  One of our roles as the Stockholm missionaries is being responsible for the YSA center.  So we teach a large portion of our lessons there and also go to YSA activities and meetings.  During the summer there is not so much going on here but it's still a very useful tool.  
    My first Sunday in my new ward was really good. Unfortunately, I didn't get to meet many people. But I will soon. During sacrament we had a lady walk into the church building.  She had come into contact with missionaries almost a year before and got the church's information from them.  Both her and her daughter in Spain had been looking for the true church.  She sent her daughter the church's information in Spain and the daughter met with missionaries then and was baptized.  The mom came to church today talking about how she too wants to join this church because she also had prayed and feels as if it is true.  We spent a lot of church teaching her (with translation).  But in the end she decided she would be baptized this upcoming week.  We want to make sure she understands the gospel.  She lives in another area so we are teaching the next lesson with those missionaries so they can pick up the teaching.  Just another testimony to the fact that there are people searching after the true church.  The spirit directs and teaches those who are truly seeking.
   This last week, we also said bye to President and Sister Newell.  We will be meeting President and Sister Beckstrand this Friday at a conference meeting.  Change is hard but necessary and good.  The Newells have given so much to the mission and Sweden.  They'll really be missed.  I have so much love and respect for them.  They are simply amazing, wonderful, great people.  I've been so blessed to get to know them and I'm so grateful to them and all they've taught me.  
Lots of Love,
Aldste Jonathan Moe

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