Sunday, September 30, 2012

1st week at the MTC

Eldste Moe's 1st week at the MTC Provo with his Swedish District

Jonathan reports: I'd like to say the level of stress has been lifting, or we're just getting used to it.  We've taught three lessons in Swedish on the church, the apostasy, the restoration, and the plan of salvation.  It's crazy how much Swedish I have learned.  I'm able to understand our teacher when he speaks now.  On Sunday Elder Hitch and I were made Zone leaders.  We've been here for four days and I'm a zone leader.  I'm responsible for four districts, which include thirty elders and nine sister.  On Wednesday I have to give an orientation all though I've only been here a week.

Sunday night we watched a devotional Elder Bednar gave a few years ago.  The man is a rock star.  The talk was on feeling the spirit and it hit home.  He taught that when we're concerned whether the spirit is prompting or its just us we're already in the wrong.  If we're thinking , we aren't acting.  If we live right and try our hardest to be good every thought and action of ours will be directed by the spirit.  While teaching in Swedish I have felt this and know it to be true.
I'm doing awesome and the only things I need at this point are letters, and a nap. is the best way to write to me because they print it out and I can reread it. The information you'll need for dear elder is my MTC box number #221 and my mission code which is SWE-SKO.  Please tell everyone hi and that I'm praying for them.

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