Monday, June 17, 2013

An inspirational bike ride!

After our 20 mile bike ride.

    This last week Eskilstuna has seen some changes within the companionships.  In the other companionship, Äldste Svennson has left and Äldste Asp has come in.  Äldste Svennson is now in Täby, an area in Stockholm, and is now serving in the same ward that his brother and sister both live in!  So he sees them at least once a week maybe more.  That would be hard.
   This last Tuesday we had a lesson with an Investigator who prayed for the first time (out loud in front of us).  The spirit was strong when he did and edified everyone in the room.  The next day, we were about to start off our day to go and try and meet with people.  He texted us  saying he would like to meet.   We've been wanting to take a bike ride up to a city called Sundbyholm next to the lake for a while, so we decided to do it together.  The ride is a total of 20 U.S miles.  The route goes up and down rolling hills.  It was beautiful.  When we got to Sundbyholm we sat down and talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We talked how it is through his grace we are saved and have any hope for anything past this life.  And how his grace is sufficient for all.  We made a goal with him to be baptized on the sixth of July.  All three of us are excited and hopefully these dreams will become a reality.  He's looking for a change in his life and more spiritually.   Äldste Judd and myself are happy to teach and make a difference in someone's life. 
    Elder Ballard's visit was over a week ago you can still see the fire that has remained behind.  He was just what Sweden needed and very inspirational.  We're all motivated to continue forward and keep trying to work hard.  He told members there are three things they should always strive to do.  1.  Strengthen their testimony, 2.  Build Zion (strengthen wards and branches where we are), and 3.  Preach the Gospel to every son and daughter of God.
This is a very hard area but we feel that we can handle it and just need to work smart and hard.  
    Thanks for the letters!

   Äldste Moe    

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