Sunday, June 9, 2013

P-Day looking for Viking ruins!

Ancient Viking writings

 So last Monday we went up to find some Viking ruins but never were able to actually find them...  We found some other really cool things like a Viking saga carved into a rock, and a big lake where the castle used to be (there is nothing left now).
   An exciting side note is that we now have bikes and have been riding around Eskilstuna on them.  The city is so beautiful during the summer, I love it here.  Its all just too good, we feel like we have a lot to do here now and that just because there are now four missionaries it doesn't mean there is less work, it means there is more that can get done, once again, we are not divided the work with so many missionaries, we are multiplying it.

Estilstuna Stads Park

Me with my new bike
   Around 6 weeks ago we knocked on this family's door and they said we could come back but they didn't have time just then.  We have returned every week (they said to try on Saturdays) and every time they are home, but, no time.  This last Saturday we went by and he said yes, for the first time, it was just him, but still a yes.  He said though, he didn't have much time.  He said he would have around ten minutes.  At first I thought no, we cant do that, we cant share our message effectively in ten minutes.  But then I heard 'Ja, det funkar', from my mouth.  And the spirit told me it was true.  We sat down on two small benches in his garden where he was working and talked about The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We testified with power and he agreed to read from the Book of Mormon, We will return soon.  It was one of the clearest ways I have ever shared the message of the restoration, and it was in ten minutes, the spirit was able to pick up all slack.
   This last week we had mission Tour.  We had the enormous privilege of having elder Richards from the Quorum of the Seventy at our Mission Tour.  He was planning on talking about teaching, and about teaching by the spirit.  But he got up and because of something said by someone else he decided that together we would discuss the Plan of Salvation.  We would spend three hours together talking about, and sharing everything we know about the Plan God has for us.  I am so grateful for my faith in this plan, it truly gives hope, not just for the individual but for everyone.  Knowing that all mankind will be resurrected, how the infinite mercy of Christ has redeemed everyone from death, physical and spiritual.
  Äldste Jonathan Moe

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