Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day from Eskilstuna!

So, this was a really good week.  When I came into this area, I felt like we had nothing to do and our time was filled with just working and not much progress.  Now we feel like we have purpose with specific people to work with.  Something was definitely confirmed to me though with all the new missionaries coming we aren't splitting the work, we truly are doubling it.  The Lord wouldn't send this many missionaries out if there was no need, he is more efficient then that.  
   I can also see how being a senior companion has blessed me.  It has made me grow and have more responsibility.  I have been translating in Sacrament meeting for all of those who speak English.  Two weeks ago when the person with the Sunday school lesson wasn't able to come to church I got asked three minutes before if I could do it.  In Swedish, and it went really well and having these extra responsibilities has really been helping me to grow and to become better.
   This last week we did something really cool, we taught English classes at the local High School.  We just went in and gave them a chance to speak with native English speakers and learn about the American Culture.  Its funny because we didn't let them know that we can speak Swedish so they can practice their English.  Then as we're leaving we break into Swedish and they all get surprised.  It is something about the country.  I know plenty of people who have been here for a while and don't need to learn Swedish because almost everyone can speak English.  So, it's very unique apparently for Americans in Sweden to learn Swedish.  
    The school we went to was a high school which allows students to graduate as workers with animals.  So in the High school they had a bunch of dogs, snakes, birds, rodents, and who knows what else all over the school.  They also have horses they work with.  
    We have some really interesting weeks coming up that I am really excited for.  We have a Mission tour, Mission Conference, Nordic Regional Conference (with the Prophet), and then Mid summers, then Zone training.  But today were going to go out into the skog (forest) to find some old viking ruins that are apparently nearby. It's fun and rejuvenating to have a day off to do personal things and explore the country a little bit.  It'll be great to get out and get some exercise too.  I hope everyone back home had a great Memorial Day.  I miss and love you all.
Äldste Jonathan Moe

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