Thursday, May 2, 2013

Happy Valborg

Aldste Moe at Valborg

 Hey all, 

Aldste Moe and the Branch President at Valborg
Happy Valborg!  Our P-day got switched to a Wednesday because of the holiday. No-one can work on Valborg, it's what we call a red day in Sweden.  Valborg is the first of May every year.  It's what Swedes celebrate to usher in Spring.  Swedish holidays are funny.  Swedes never celebrate holidays on the day they are.  They only celebrate the day before or the eve of the holiday.  They do this so that no-one has to work or literally do anything on the actual holiday, including celebrate.
  To Celebrate Valborg Swedes gather and create giant bonfires with trees to burn and welcome in Spring.  They do this after singing folk songs and then there are fire works afterwards.  It looks like the middle of the day in my photos and when it happened but it was actually like 9:30 at night.  The sun is really messing with me now.  It rises at like 4 and is completely bright before 5.  I wake up sometimes and think I missed my alarms.
   This last week President Newell came to Eskilstuna and gave the four of us elders here a specialized training on finding.  The most important part isn't even working hard (still very important).  The most important part of finding people to teach is faith that they are there, and they are waiting to hear the message of the restoration.  It is through faith that all things are possible.  God would not have doubled the missionary force in Sweden if he didn't have people prepared or being prepared who were waiting for those missionaries.
   This last Saturday I had the privilege of going through the temple again.  But with a recent convert who got to go through for the first time.  There is nothing in the world, besides the atonement, which offers such peace and such blessings as the temple can afford.  Temples are holy houses of the Lord in which we can be guaranteed eternal salvation together with our families.      Elder Judd and I officially finished training this last week.  It feels like just yesterday that I finished being trained.  I have been blessed with companions and am proud of the missionary Elder Judd is becoming.  We likely won't be transferred anytime soon but we are finished with the training program designed for new missionaries.  

   Äldste Jonathan Moe
  Me and Saad with his son (Nephi)
Estilstuna Elders at the Stockholm temple

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