Sunday, May 12, 2013

President Monson is coming to Sweden June 8th & 9th!

Sweden Stockholm Temple

This last week the most exciting thing that happened was news on the Nordic regional conference happening on the ninth of June.  All five Nordic countries will be watching it (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland), it will take place here in Sweden at the Waterfront Congress hall.  And the most exciting news is President Thomas S. Monson will be there to speak to all of Scandinavia.  Our mission President is trying to get all of the missionaries there so we can all see the Prophet and be there to hear him speak.  All of the members here are very excited for this.  Not only is President Monson our Prophet but he has a kinship with Sweden.  He is the one that dedicated the land of Sweden for missionary work over 30 years ago(1977).  Within his dedication prayer we now know what it is we must do to bring to pass the salvation of many.  It is through him we have Gods promise of the second harvest given to us.
    The fact that he is coming has given missionaries around Sweden the fire to go out and do the Lords work.  It has given us the faith that people who are seeking the gospel are out there and through hard work we can find them.  But such work can never be done effectively by missionaries alone, it should be missionaries with members.  When missionaries and members work together in a spirit of unity nothing is impossible.  
    With a new MTC group arriving here in Sweden (17 Sister missionaries and just two elders) comes a transfer.  I wont be moving right now, but Elder Larson one of the other elders here in Eskilstuna will be moving to Linköping and Elder Svensson will be coming here to take his place.  Elder Svensson is a native Swede and comes from the area bordering ours to the east.  That would be really hard.  It would be as if I served in Brooklyn and I knew I could hop on a train and be home in 30 minutes.
   Anyway this week something significant happened to me.  We were in a neighborhood in northern Eskilstuna and we went to visit someone that said we could come back at this time.  It has been one of our only promising contacts.  We got there and were told promptly to leave and that they weren't interested.  We left, feeling defeated.  As we were leaving I said a prayer in my heart asking where someone was that would accept us, willing to go anywhere do anything.  I didn't receive an answer right then but I got a really good feeling, I was comforted, I no longer felt the pain or the defeat.  I felt the spirit so strongly right then.  It's moments like that that reaffirm to me that I am not alone, I never have been, and I never will be. No one is if they believe and trust in the Lord.
   Äldste Jon Moe

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