Monday, May 20, 2013

I'm enjoying the Sunshine and Springtime weather!

Walking down the street by our house in Eskilstuna
Kloster Kyrka in Eskilstuna
River in the small town of Torshälla to Eskilstunas North

Hey everyone, 

     Summer seems like it's finally here.  Everything is so green and beautiful.  I am so grateful to be in Sweden and to get to enjoy the country, culture, and people here, (But hey, ask me again in October-March, my view might change).  For now anyway, everything is really nice.  From what I've heard though it should start showering soon.  So, I got that coming.  
     All of the members and missionaries have been getting excited for the Prophet and his visit to Sweden.  We are so blessed to have a prophet in our day just as the Israelites had Moses, Samuel, Joshua, and all the other prophets.  It is unfortunate, however, to hear of the passing of his wife.  It reminds us that he to is just as human as us, and is subject to pain and hard times.  We are all praying for him and his family at this difficult time.
       This week after District Meeting we had exchanges so Äldste Svensson and I stayed up in our area and did some work.  Miracles happened.  Shortly after we got together, I had a feeling we should go by a member's place that the church had completely lost contact with.  Problem was his building has a portkod.  I told Äldste Svensson about him and when he asked why we had never gone by before I said because his building is coded, but today, the doors opened.  We walked to the building, up to the door, and sure enough, it opened, The magnetic lock didn't connect.  Amazed we went up to his apartment, and he wasn't home.  We kind of looked at each other and decided we would wait because we got into the building so we were meant to meet with him.  After literally two minutes he came up the stairs from outside.  He was busy then but asked us to come back later.  Now we have contact and are meeting later this week.  He was happy to see us. I'm blessed to have great companions to work with.
       The next day, we went to swing by another member who we didn't have contact with.  The feeling I had when we decided to visit this person was so strong.  I knew it was meant to be.  We walked up to the building and there was a port code.  And no open door this time.  Kind of frustrated I started punching numbers into the port code, then the door opened.  Just like that.  It didn't feel like inspiration, but luck cannot justify that "guess".  Feeling victorious we went upstairs to their apartment and once again, no one was home.  We looked at each other and decided to wait again.  No one came, after ten or so minutes Äldste Svensson said, hey, lets knock on that door.  The door opened and we were allowed in.  We taught and invited him to learn more and he agreed.  We are going to return this week and meet again. 
    It is through Faith that Miracles are brought to pass.  If I learned one thing from this week it's that wherever a disciple of Christ filled with faith is, there also can be found the inspirations, healings, miracles, manifestations, and conversions that have accompanied the true gospel since the time of Adam.  I am grateful to be a witness to this great work and to be a part of it.  I just hope I can do my best to show others the true value of it.  It's up to them if they'll embrace it but it's the path to happiness.    Love,
   Äldste Jonathan Moe

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