Monday, September 16, 2013

My life isn't complicated by trivial things!

 Early morning fog on the tracks in Södertälje
A dock near Hovsjö

This last week was AMAZING!  We saw some real miracles happen.  Not only in our area but in the entire mission.  Yesterday, in Church the Chapel was almost filled.  We thought we were going to have to stand but there was barely enough room.  So many people who we have been visiting are now starting to come to church regularly.  We have also made plans for Hawas daughter to be baptized soon.  Hopefully it won't be long. I'm really excited for her and her entire family. 
    Personally, the thing I have been working on is diligence.  Already I work hard and come home tired.  But even when home there is more to be done then sitting on the couch and relaxing/reflecting on the day.  There is always something to be done and I just need to make sure I am trying really hard to always do something productive. My life isn't complicated by trivial things.  I have one purpose and I'm trying very diligently to do that one thing and that is to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ.  To do as Jesus would do.
    The church is growing here in Sweden.  Things are moving and soon we will likely have stakes covering all of Sweden.  That will be a major prophecy fulfilled for this country.  Not only is Sweden seeing a lot of people converted to the Church but a lot of people coming back to activity.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to be here during this time and have the blessing to help the church in this country grow.  Right now there are close to 170 missionaries in Sweden.  God wouldn't send so many if there wasn't something big to be done. The church has a debt to Sweden in a way, since so many of the early converts to the church originated in Sweden and sacrificed so much for the early church. 
   The area I'm currently in, I feel as if I speak more English with Investigators then Swedish right now.  The area has a large African and Middle Eastern population.  Because Sweden accepts so many refugees I really do meet people from all over the World.  It is a unique experience.  It is also very humbling seeing these people who come from their homes and do their best to build a life here in a country a lot colder then their's and a language quite foreign to their own.  My companion and I speak Swedish to each other and throughout the rest of the day though.  
    This last week we had a member come with us to an Investigators house to help talk about the Book of Mormon.  This Investigator in the past has never seen the real importance of the Book of Mormon.  We taught him and we testified of the power the Book of Mormon has but also of the reason we have it.  We have it for a few reasons and we talked about all of them.  He began to connect the dots and as the member testified and they shared why the Book of Mormon is so important to him the spirit came in and testified of all that had been said.  Afterwards the man said, yes I see why it is important, but I have to find out for myself if it is true.  He is reading furiously to try and receive his answer.  I know God well enough to know that he will answer.  I've learned to trust in God in all things.

   Äldste Moe
 Me on a horribly rusted car.

Beautiful Sweden!

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