Thursday, September 26, 2013

Having small successes every day!

Hej allihopa,
  This last week has been pretty cool.  We had another person join the ward through baptism here in Södertälje.  Someone who the sister missionaries had been working with. The ward is rapidly growing.  We are seeing missionaries in the members.  That's how it should be, the gospel should seep through every bone and bit of our body until sharing it becomes just as natural as opening the door for someone with their hands full. 
   At the baptism on Friday we had one of our investigators there.  He happens to be a friend of the woman who was being baptized.  So we started talking to him about baptism and he said, "you know what, your right".  He then went up to the bishop and asked to have a meeting with him, they came out of the meeting with the plan for him to be baptized on the twelfth of October.   It is a good goal that they set and we hope to help him make it.
   Probably my biggest inspiration of the week came from Preach my Gospel. I was studying again about patience and really learned about problems we face in life. When everything is storming against us and we seem to have these giant obstacles in life and we get frustrated and feel defeated it is not these obstacles or the storm that is our problem. Instead it is our short-sightedness, it is our desire for a quick painless solution that is our problem. That is where the pain is derived. With patience our quote on quote "problems" are not even problems, they are just experiences which might have been hard but we learned from. I love the perspective the gospel puts on our lives and the peace we can find in it.
   Sometimes it does not feel as if we, as missionaries, see the results of the work we do, but every time we do, its worth it.  We had a member who hadn't been to the ward since they moved in a while before.  We were praying over who to go by one time and felt as if it would be good to try and find that person.  After hunting them down (there was a wrong number and address on the list) they said they would come to church.  Since then they've come every Sunday and been very helpful to us as missionaries.  Just yesterday they told us, "Thank you, thanks for seeing my name on the list".  The person was extremely grateful for the love we extended.  That is what we do as missionaries we only extend Gods love he has for everyone.
Hej då Kött och Blåbär,
Äldste Jon Moe
Hej family, I love all of you so much.  I hope everything is going really well.
  Jonathan Moe

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