Sunday, October 6, 2013

A week of Miracles!

Swedish Sport of Innebandy

 Hi all,

Just a short experience this week.  Elder Leirimaa and I were driving to a lesson and when we got there, the lady we were suppose to teach said she couldn't meet with us.   So we went to teach a different investigator and taught very powerfully about the role of Jesus Christ in our lives. This person felt the spirit so strong they should be baptized in the coming weeks.  But, the miracle of the day started after that.  It was 8:30 at night so we should have went home.  But we felt as if it would be really good to go to the church.  The Bishop was there in a meeting and shortly after we walked in so did a lady named, Aissata.  Aissata came in and shared with us about how she had walked by the church building for a couple months now and felt as if she should come in a couple times.  On Friday she listened to that spirit and came in, saying she was looking for a church.  We told her she found the one for her, to which she explained that she is looking for a true church.  We taught her how the Gospel was restored through Joseph Smith the living Prophet and how the Book of Mormon is a divine witness of this Church.  Now with a book of mormon in French she said she will be reading as much as she can.  She is a true seeker of the truth, and we were there to help.  She lives on the other side of Södertälje.  So yesterday, in Church we introduced her to the sisters so they can continue to teach her.  For me it is a fulfillment of Gods promise to us, as we search diligently for people to teach we will be lead to them or they will be led to us.
    This last week has likely been one of the greatest on my mission.  We found others as well to help introduce the gospel to and to invite to follow its teachings.  We had a record in the lessons that we taught.  I'm seeing daily miracles and we are finding a lot of people that will listen to what we have to teach.  My heart is full of hope.
   For the first time on my mission, I got to play the Swedish Sport called Innebandy.  It is like floor hockey but with very small goals and a wiffle ball.  It's fun but really technical and hard to get the hang of.  Swedes are quite good at it though. 

Love to all,

Aldste Moe

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