Sunday, October 27, 2013

Getting ready for winter! My new companion Elder Tomlinson

Elder Tomlinson and myself

Hovsjö area
Hej mina nära och kära.
  Well, the colds back.  The past three mornings we've woken up there has been frost everywhere and all three days have been around 0 degrees, which is around thirty in Fahrenheit.  So, its definitely getting colder. It's time to buy a good scarf, hat and everythingto stay warm through the long winter.  Although it's cold and cloudy everything still looks pretty in the fall colors.  I really do love being here.  Every day is getting darker sooner and sooner, I feel like there was no fall this year.  Everyone has been saying that we have had an unusually long summer and now it feels like winter is starting.
   But enough about the weather.  The work is going really well, we are seeing miracles here in Södertälje and all over Sweden.  This week we taught someone else who has a strong will to follow Christ and they will be baptized soon.  We are currently working with four people who are very excited about being baptized and we have tons of other friends who are close.  This last week we were in Stockholm four days so we didn't get to spend as much time working in our area as we would have liked but it was worth it.
    This last Saturday and Sunday was stake conference so everyone from the Stockholm South stake who could make it was there.  This meant that I got to see a lot of people from both Eskilstuna and Vendelsö.  I love seeing those old friends who I haven't seen in a while but it's always good as well to make new friends and meet others.  A very strong theme of conference was Building Zion.  This is the ultimate goal we all should have as members.  to build Zion where we are.  Sweden a hundred years ago had a large wave of immigration to the United States, many were members, going there to build/join Zion.  We know that today our job as members is to build Zion where we are.  And whether in New York City or Sweden I will always be working towards that goal.  In faith we need to share the gospel, serve actively in our callings, and be an example of followers of Jesus Christ.  Seeing so many Swedes and other members gather is inspiring.
    I love being here in Sweden and having the opportunity to build Zion here.  Maybe as the weather gets cold and the sky darkens the gospel will just become that much warmer and it's light that much brighter.  I am looking forward to all that is ahead.
   Äldste Moe

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