Friday, February 28, 2014

Counting our blessings!

Helsingborg  with afternoon light
Biking around Helsingborg
Steps of Helsingborg
Helsingborg Zone
  This last week has been very good.  When I look back now it doesn't feel as if much actually happened or was accomplished but we feel very accomplished.  By anyone's standards this last week was very hard. We had to go out and work hard making cold contacts, and we only had one person come to church who we had taught during the week. We know that we have worked very hard and every night we could feel the peace that comes from that.  This being said I saw something else very interesting.  We did see a lot of progress.  We have been blessed because we've worked hard.  We were over at a members house for dinner and after talking of the gospel we asked who they know who is ready to accept the gospel.  We left their house with six names and numbers to their friends.  That is always inspiring seeing members doing their own missionary work.  On Sunday, the boyfriend to a girl here in the ward showed interest in becoming a member of the church.  Sometimes it is easy to forget that missionaries are not alone in the work.  The work of salvation is done by members, missionaries, and the Lord is directing us.  With that team you can't lose.  Even though this last week we didn't see the fruits of our work.  When we look around and count our blessings they're always many.  Often times blessing come unnoticed or when we are least expecting them.  I've learned to be thankful for the small things and to keep a tender heart towards the Lord so I can recognize his hand in the small things of life.

   Äldste Jonathan Moe

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