Sunday, February 16, 2014

It's pretty here but COLD!

Kära vänner,

Helsingborg is amazing.  I love the city.  Its the eighth biggest in Sweden but the biggest city I have served in so far.  And the ward is great.  This last Saturday there was an MTC day activity.  We had youth come from all of the south of Sweden and we were able to teach classes on how to use Preach my Gospel.  These youth all received fake mission calls to countries around the world.  They were then taught a little about the language, about missionary life, and about how to teach.  It was a really cool experience for us missionaries because it was like seeing 30 perspective missionaries with fiery testimonies.  That is definitely one of the things the church needs the most is strong youth who are familiar with and living the gospel.   
  As a mission we have been focusing a lot on contacting.  On opening our mouths more often.  Elder Ballard taught that if we want more people to teach we need to open our mouth more.  And so we have been increasing our personal finding efforts.  This last week we approached someone and asked what they believed the meaning of life to be, at first they answered about how they were not sure.  We testified of families and the happiness Heavenly Father wants us to have.  We could tell he felt the spirit as we exchanged numbers.
   It is starting to get warmer and brighter again so it looks like we are barely getting a winter this year.  Weird for Sweden, but I'm not going to complain.
   Right now we do not have too many people we are meeting with often but hopefully we change that.  We have been setting high goals and planning on how we can do as much good as possible here in Helsingborg.  My companion, Elder Stafford and I get along really well, so we're excited to see what happens in this area.      
puss och kram,

Äldste Jonathan Moe

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