Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Happy Easter from Aldste Moe

Swedish Candy store
The missionaries I'm currently working with.
 Hej alla.
 This last week has been a great week.  It was Elder Tomlinson's last week here in Täby. It was sad to se him go but we saw really good things come out of this week.  Today I will be getting Elder Tyson Haddon as a companion.  He's a great guy, from Utah, he was actually state mvp in Utah for Baseball.  The last few weeks we have really gotten a lot going here in the Täby area so I am excited to see what Äldste Haddon and myself can accomplish.
   This week and last, we went over to three different members houses and all of them had invited friends over to meet us.  It was perfect.  One of these was yesterday and we now have an appointment to return to their house next week and teach about the restoration of the gospel.  Members can have a bigger impact on the work then they can imagine.  Being Christlike and extending friendship to all is one of the greatest things we can do, and we should always strive to do so.  But if we truly love people we will want them to have access to the same truths we have, we would invite them to learn more if they would like.  Being pushy is never fun or appropriate, but everyone would appreciate the gesture of a simple invitation.  Just love your friends enough to let them know how you feel about the gospel.
   So this week is Påsk, or Easter.  Like all Swedish holidays the celebrations are held the day before on Påskafton.  Actually, everyday this week is a holiday, and each day has a different name.  It's Black Monday, White Tuesday, Damper Wednesday, Cleansing Thursday, and Long Friday.  The average Swedish person would not declare themselves very religious but the culture is soaked through with Christianity.  Instead of hiding eggs here everyone just gets one extremely large egg, like bigger then a basketball, which is filled with candy.
   Something that is really exciting is how interested the young people are with religion.  Its now the time in Sweden where a lot have grown up without any sort of faith and are curious about religion.  There is a 15 year old boy here in Täby that referred himself to the church and will be baptized soon.  After the first meeting he read 17 chapters in the Book of Mormon.  Three is another girl who is 19 and studying here in Stockholm who we are meeting with who will likely be baptized soon.  Almost a year ago now Elder Ballard came to the North for a Nordic regional conference.  He then prophesied that the key to the church is the young people.  They are the strength and they will be the catalyse for growth.  Last year the average age of someone baptized was 35.  So it is exciting seeing that already unfold.
  I'm thankful for my Savior Jesus Christ. I feel his spirit everyday in my life and I'm thankful for this time of year when we can celebrate and ponder the blessings of the atonement.  I hope everyone has an amazing Easter! Lots of Love!
Har en glad Påsk,

    Äldste Moe

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