Saturday, April 5, 2014

Seeing new parts of my mission!

 It's been two weeks since I have really written something for the blog and a lot has happened. I will try and keep it short.  First off, I love my new area, and being companions again with Elder Tomlinson is cool.  I'm also living in the office now so we live with Elders Nightingale and Ogaard who are both funny and good missionaries.  Elder and Sister Lowry from UT also live here.  I worked quite a bit with the Lowrys when I was in Södertälje so its great being able to be near them again.
   My proselyting area is in the city of Täby and the surrounding cities.  Right now we have quite a bit of picking up from the previous missionaries.  Täby has an amazing ward with a lot of diversity, there are members here from all over the world.  Even a few families from the U.S.  It has been quite a while since the Täby ward has had new members join but the missionaries before me have all been working really hard and there's a lot of potential, so we can definitely see some miracles soon.  This is my first area in the city of Stockholm and I love it.  It reminds me of home at times.  This also means that I have served in all four stakes of Sweden while I have been on my mission, so I have been able to get to know people from all around the country.    
   My first week in this transfer I drove up to Umeå which is an eight hour drive there and eight hours back.  A long trip but it was so beautiful.  Then this last week we drove to Göteborg on the west coast of Sweden.  That was really nice as well.  On the way we stopped to work with missionaries in Göteborg and Jönköping.  Jönköping is a city I had never been to before but is a sick city.  It's right on the southern coast of Vättern, one of Sweden's great lakes.  So there's a ton of very old ruins and beautiful views.   
   On my mission, I have taught quite a few people who have never heard too much about God or Christ.  This last week, we had the opportunity to teach someone who had never thought too much about God before.  We have been meeting with him for a while now and when we began he wanted us to explain what God was.  Last lesson he stopped us and explained that he was feeling power in his life, and he couldn't explain it but he knew it was from God.  He knows God is supporting him and encouraging him.  It was amazing to hear this person talk about the wonderful feelings and new purpose he had in his life.  He has agreed to be baptized but just needs to continue building his faith.  It's great to see people have hope and faith for the first time in their lives.
  I'm excited for everything coming, especially General Conference and Easter.  I would love to hear from everyone back home.  I hope you're all doing well! Love you all!
puss och kram,

    Äldste Jonathan


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