Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Great weekend of General Conference!

Stockholm missionaries
A bunch of missionaries after conference.
Swedish royal guard

Stockholm City Hall

Riddarholmen Church

This last weekend was really good.  As are all conference weekends.  This was my fifth general conference as a missionary and it was a good one.  Elder Hollands talk on charity was really good, and President Monson's talk about walking more like Christ was also very good.  
Just this past Tuesday we took a bus all the way out to Djurhamn in Skärholmen.  It was beautiful.  But we went out there to visit a couple and help them with a few things they couldn't manage themselves.  We had an awesome time there but shortly after we left something smelt horrible.  We saw that a cat had peed on my bag, and it smelt bad.  People were giving us funny looks and not sitting by me on the subway.  That night I washed it pretty good with vinegar and it turned out good, actually looks and smells new!  
    We were at our friends house talking about the gospel and about baptism when we met one of her friends.  He came and talked with us and shared that he believed religion not to be good, that religions weren't actually what they were supposed to be.  We talked about the apostasy and he liked it, said it explains well why the world is the way it is.  We taught about Joseph smith and gave him the Book of Mormon and he was very excited the entire time commenting on how great he thought this would all be.  It was cool to see.  They both came to conference the next day and he asked how to become a member.  Saying he just knew it to be true.
   Just today I ate the Swedish food known as surströmming.  It's on all of the worst tasting foods lists and is often said to be the worst smelling food.  Surströmming is fermented herring that is not cooked or anything.  It smelled terrible and tasted a lot better than it smelt.  I think the smell makes the taste seem not as bad.  It was just very salty.  There were some missionaries who refused to eat or touch it.  It's checked off the Sweden bucket list though.  
   It feels weird being this close to going home.  I'm still working hard and I'm counting on seeing some miracles before the end does come.

   Äldste Jonathan

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