Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Only 2 weeks left!

Group from this Summer in Stockholm
 Hej everyone, 

Things are going well.  However, this last week was one of those hard weeks as a missionary.  No one could meet or they were out of town, then the few appointments we had cancelled or blåst (never show up).  Then these promising seeming self referrals that we get from end up being pranks.  Anyway, just one of those weeks.  Halfway through the week we decided to turn it around and have a good week.  Nothing changed drastically until Sunday.  It seems as if the weeks miracles and laughs were all put onto Sunday.  Church was very good and I learned a lot from it.  We went over to a members house to eat and then right at the end we visited our most progressing investigator who we hadn't met with in a long time.  And she is doing really well. She expressed sincere desire to know that the gospel is true and live a happy life.  She also had someone else over that week and made them pray with her over dinner!  When people ask she even tells them she is Mormon.  She is having a hard time believing in Christ.  She is obtaining knowledge as we teach her and she's using her own free agency to decide if it's true or not.  She's praying about it and that's good she's taking her time and trying to understand what it all means for her.
   This week means that I have only two weeks left in Sweden.  Only one Sunday in church because of General Conference.  It really is crazy how fast time flies.  I'm both nervous and very excited for the end.  It's impossible to put into words or numbers how much this mission, this country, and this people have come to mean to me.  I love it all! I'm going to miss it all!
   General conference is this upcoming weekend, I am very excited for that.  This will be my fifth general conference as a missionary.  I have gotten so much from them as I have gotten better at preparing for them.  It's important for us to go into general conference ready to learn. So more important than what is said at conference is how we go into conference.  Are we ready to learn?
   Excited to see you all soon,

Puss och kram,

    Äldste Moe 

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