Sunday, October 7, 2012

2nd week at MTC

Jonathan writes, Last Wednesday I trained an incoming batch of new elders.  I did the same thing yesterday and I'm giving further orientation information today.  Being a Zone leader is fun but it's a lot of meetings and work and extra things I have to do.  So the investigator I told you about has actually turned out to be our third teacher.  His name is brother Jorgensen, my other two teachers are brother Harris and brother Bush.  All three are spiritual giants and are inspired in their teachings.  We are learning Swedish and the doctrine faster then most others would believe possible. 
  There has been a cold going around since we got here.  For me it was just a runny nose but other elders and sisters have gotten it really bad.  Last night we had to get an elder from my zone to the ER really fast (nothing related to the cold).  As zone leaders we helped coordinate it.  It ended up being a clogged system and a build up of gas, nothing too serious.  Speaking of injuries there is another elder here named elder Poppenfaus.  He was injured playing basketball and got his stay here pushed up to 12 weeks total.  He's going to Sweden as well but is still here from the group that went before us.  This story makes me feel bad because an Elder who was coming to hit against me in volleyball tore his miniscus and he was in his 2nd of 3 weeks and will now be staying for at least 5 more weeks.  Then two days later his companion tried to block one of my sets (illegall by the way, so this isn't my fault). and he got into the net landed on my foot and rolled his ankle.  They now travel around the MTC together in crutches.  I feel bad but I think they're both getting transferred to a spanish speaking mission in the same area.  So maybe a blessing in disguise? Don't worry mom, I'm being careful and have been doing my best to avoid injury.
     This Friday we are teaching Swedish speaking members in the community.  It's crazy to think that two weeks ago I could only say a few things in Swedish and now I'[m going to be teaching lessons in the language.  We are all way pumped for General Conference.  It's crazy to see how much the Prophets and Apostles really tailor their messages for missionaries.  Elder Bednar's talks are legendary and we go to them as often as possible. I found out Elder Eyring gave a talk in the Stockholm Stake a few years back and relayed revelation given concerning the missionary work in Sweden.  He talked about the second harvest and how the country of Swewden will see it's membership rise at unusual rates.  Last year the membership went from 5000-6000.  The numbers are supposed to be even higher at the end of this year.  It's cool thinking we've been called specifically to our mission and president.  In the MTC we've all had our own confirmaiton of this.  Another thing that is very cool is that our title, that of "elder" is only shared by those who lead our church.  Elder Oaks talked about how they have an apostolic calling and we have an apostolic calling.
    I have appreciated the letters I have been receiving from people they really do help with morale at the MTC.  I am practically out of time now so must go.
Love you all.

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