Sunday, October 21, 2012

President Monson's GC announcement

 So as far as news goes for this last week I think the biggest is General Conference.  When President Monson stood up and made the announcement regarding age changes the entire MTC exploded, I have never seen people cheer so loud in a religious setting.  There is no place I would have rather been when that announcement was made.  But it was made for a reason.  As Bednar later said we cant guess the reason, "The Lord can do his own work, and will hasten his pace in his time".  The Lord has seen fit to hasten his pace.  If the Lord needs to hasten his pace we need to double our own and extend our full commitment.  Its important to not only look at this as a means to make a mission more convenient for missionaries but as a call to serve.  In my last entry I talked about how the work in Sweden has been exploding and Europe has seen unbelievable baptism rates, No-one here finds this to be a coincidence, not only are we the last wave of preparatory missionaries but we are the first wave of the Second Harvest around the world.  It's true that if this had been enacted even at last general conference my school times would be a lot more convenient but the lord sent me at this time to this place for a reason.  All of the MTC has been rejuvenated as if a second wind has hit us.  Everyone is working their hardest to be the best we can be.  "The Lord has prepared a harvest for us, the amount we reap is up to us".
   The rest of the conference talks were amazing especially Holland's although that put a lot of pressure on us missionaries.  The Tuesday after Conference Bednar spoke at the MTC.  Having an Apostle there was amazing and while here I have watched multiple of his talks, he gave talks entitled "Is it the Spirit, or is it me" and "Character of Christ" both are life changing and amazing.  His talk on Tuesday was on Listening to the Apostles of God correctly.  He told us of how he studies their talks.  He talked about how every time a General Authority is speaking he looks for what Doctrinal Pieces they mention.  What Invitations they extend, and, what blessing are promised.  Doing this creates a nice condensed list of what we should do, how we go about doing it, and what we get from it.  It is an amazing system to practice that I will definitely be trying to implement into my notes from future talks and conferences.  The MTC is a factory for missionaries and self improvement.  It is amazing here.
     Not a lot else has been happening.  The English elders that came in with us are now gone.  Its crazy to think we've made it a third of the way and they're in the field.  I am also leading orientation for new missionaries today entering our zone. 
Thanks for the letters. I love to hear from family and friends!!!!
 Aldste Moe

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