Sunday, October 21, 2012

MTC & listening to the spirit

Ok, so the longer I stay here at the MTC the faster the days start going by, Less significant stuff seems to happen only because we become conditioned to overpowering spiritual moments, the gift of tongues in action, and missionary life.  I don't have much for this last week but a few highlights.
       Being a Zone Leader is hard, it is very challenging and stressful at times.  This last week has been very vexing, we've had a few missionaries go home and a few weeks ago an ER trip for an Elder.  But I know that the Lord qualifies those whom he calls. 
    Since I teach in a trio the teachers have had our companionship splitting up for our lessons so only two of us teach a lesson, the third acts as a second investigator or as a member helping the missionaries.  Four days ago I was sitting out and we had our worst lesson yet (the two don't necessarily coincide).  The teacher could tell they were frustrated and gave us a great talk on improving.  They really are inspired when teaching us.  Two days after we taught Leo (the progressive investigator our teacher plays) again.  We went in and rocked that lesson, the spirit was so powerful and overwhelming. 
   Elder Bowen came in this Tuesday and spoke more of the announcement.  He said that come February even missionaries who have been out for just 3 months could be trainers for newbies.  I am so excited to go to Sweden and teach.  I love the people already and I don't even know them. 
In Sweden the word for vegetables is gr√∂nsaker, translating to "green things".  This is apparently due to their lack of favor towards vegetables. I thought dad would appreciate that!


  1. My kids don't like those "green things" either.
    Love the MTC jokes. Hilarious! I'll try those on my kids!

  2. Hi parents of Jonathan Moe!
    I'm Phillip Stafford, and I was in the same group of EFY with Johnathan almost four years ago! I have my mission call to the Sweden Stockholm Mission too, I report January 23rd. Anyways, I love this blog, and I'm excited to get out there and work with your son! Thanks!