Thursday, November 15, 2012

11/8/12 I can't wait for Sweden!!!!

So, this week in my reading I am in Helaman, I've been reading through the story of Nephi and Lehi, Reading the missionary stories of the ancient prophets is definitely inspiring.  When I read stories of them and Prophets like Ammon and how easily they look to the spirit for guidance it truly is inspiring.  This last week I was teaching a lesson to Leo (A Filipino who moved to Sweden played by one of my teachers).  My companion and I spent forever preparing the lesson and finding the perfect scriptures for him.  Right before we went in I was reading in Helaman about trusting in the spirit and his advice.  I am quick to turn to the spirit when I need help with things such as learning, or long term help.  But I realized in order to strengthen my faith and hope I have to become so confident in the Spirit that it is the first place I turn when spur of the moment decisions have to be made.  I've made a goal of listening to the spirit's guidance in high pressure situations.  If I continue to rely on myself and my own wits its only going to get me so far.  I may get to know my investigators but the Lord knows what they need and what they need to hear from me.  When we went into this lesson I talked to my companion about relying more on the Spirit and being more concerned with relaying what the spirit feels they should know then teaching them a lesson point to point we have laid out.  It was our greatest lesson by far.  The spirit is so strong when you trust it and bear witness of the words it delivers to your mouths.  As we learn to trust in the spirit it will trust us with more and more important tasks until we can truly become a servant of our God.  e didn't hit half of the points on our lesson plan but we got our goal for that lesson achieved and so much more.  Before the lesson Leo didn't see how the Book of Mormon applied to him and now he hasn't allowed himself to miss reading even one day of the week.  If you trust in the spirit, it will then trust in you, don't expect the blessings and guidance to flow in before you have done the work for them, and having faith is work, and sometimes its very hard to have that faith, but it is worth it. 
     This week I got to be a Host and welcome new missionaries to the MTC.  It was both a tragedy and a blessing be there.  I watched many families, fathers, mothers, siblings, grandparents saying goodbye to someone they love and care about for 18-24 months.  One missionary I welcomed and showed around the MTC grounds was from South Virginia.  As he was done saying goodbye to his Mother and Sister the Mom looked at me and said "Thank you Elder, Seeing so many of you here willing to serve Christ and help others to do the same makes me know my son will be alright".  That statement and the fact that there were over 400 (a relatively low number for the average week) new missionaries that arrived here this Wednesday makes me think of the 60.000 strong work force that is currently serving the Lord.  Every week more come.  This is an inspiring work and the best and happiest a man could be a part of, I am so happy to be serving.
   So, I leave to Sweden in a week or so, the reality is already coming over me.  I am ready to go out and teach the word of Christ to anyone who has been prepared to listen.  I love the Gospel and I have seen how it has blessed me and how it helps in all I do.
           Äldste Moe

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