Monday, December 10, 2012

My new address in Virginia

On Thanksgiving, last week Elder Holland came and spoke to us.  His wife spoke about the Book of Mormon and how her testimony of it developed.  He had his Grandchildren perform musical numbers or bear their testimonies.  He then got up and spoke about many things but the one that hit me the hardest was being grateful for the time we are born in and the work we get to be a part of.  He spoke about how we have better health, technology, everything now then ever before.  He talked about how we have no idea why were all so special to have been born in this time.  He talked about how we are the only dispensation that will not end in apostasy, every prophet of God before our time has worked and preached with the knowledge that eventually their work would die away and what they have set up will fall.  But none of them ever stopped.  It was hard and to some it may have been futile but they saw the bigger picture.  Peter, while being crucified upside down, John being beheaded, Abinadai being burned by fire, and Joseph Smith murdered by gunfire never gave up, never had a doubt.  Because they knew someone someday would win.  The good would overcome the bad.  They knew that this time, for the first time all of the work of the saints through every dispensation would pay off and many would come unto Christ.  And now they watch.  Watching all of their culminated work coming together to the ultimate victory.  Elder Holland spoke about how the strength and longevity of the Church is something they are all proud of.  They all look down in joy as we get closer to what they believed in and died for.  This applies to all Members of the church, not just those actively engaged in Missionary work.
   For everyone following this you may know that I have had major visa problems, I have been temporarily reassigned to the Richmond, Virginia mission.  I will arrive their in the following week.  My parents will post that address here as soon as I have it and can give it to them.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.

Love to all my friends and family,
Äldste Moe

Elder Jonathan Moe
Virginia Richmond Mission
9327 Midlothian Turnpike, Suite 1B
Richmond, VA 23235

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