Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring's slowly arriving here! I love Sweden!

This week I don't have that much time to email as we have been chasing free computers all day.  I have heard over the week from people who follow the blog.  That always makes me happy to know that people are reading.  It lifts my spirits!
   This last week Äldste Geddes moved from Skövde with me to Södertälje with Äldste Carr.  I got Äldste Tietjen.  He comes from St. George UT and is super cool.  I know we are going to get along and from the work we have done together this last week I know well be able to work together well which is sometimes more important then how much you get along with a companion.  Äldste Tietjen was supposed to get a new missionary and train last week but his greenie got delayed and so did not make it in time.  Äldste Tietjen got put with me and he will either stay and train in Skövde or when the greenie comes he will move somewhere else to train.
    The work is going well.  It is heartbreaking but when you feel the pain from it that just means you care enough for it.  I feel as if every time we find new people or have new teaching opportunities we lose just as many or people lose interest.  Its all about searching for those people who really do want to change their lives and be followers of Christ throughout their lives.  We have been teaching the family that can only speak Albanian.  It is really cool teaching them because you get to see just how much the Spirit is a common language.    
    It is weird having a week go by and not being with my trainer.  I miss him but I know also that when you finish your greenie transfer you are able to really step up and make the calls and grow how you cant under a trainer.  I have learned so much from him and will continue to learn a lot as I continue on the mission.
    This last week we traveled around quite a bit for appointments outside of Skövde.  Twice we went all the way up to Mariestad for appointments.  Mariestad is like an hour bus ride a day so going up there and teaching and coming back can take up most of your day, but our area is that large so if people are interested we go and find them.  Both times we went to Mariestad the people we had appointments with werent there.  So we wasted all that time for nothing.  Last night we had to go to Södra Ryd and then walk a while to get to this guys house and so we weren't so sure if we should because he has a history for not being there and the appointment wasn't 100% solid.  We went and sure enough not there.  I decided we had to tract in the neighborhood around him.  After spending time doing that, finally, at the second to last door, someone opened and talked to us.  We went in, had a lesson, and are returning later this week.  Sometimes all that work is worth it for one promising individual.
Please know that I'm so thankful for the Savior in my life and knowledge I've gained about Christlike service.  I love the people of Sweden. I'm thankful for my family and their support and the blessings I've received thus far in my life.  
Lots of Love to everyone back home!
    Äldste Jonathan Moe  
Aldste Moe and his new companion Aldste Tietjen

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  1. Love the blog Marilee! What a wonderful way to keep friends and family informed. The spirit just resonates from his writing. Had to laugh at one entry that I thought said he was teaching "gymnasts" at first ... Can still remember being with you guys in cape cod when Jonathan couldn't have been more than 6 years old. Where has the time gone? At this rate, Con, Ty, and Wyatt will be leaving tomorrow...