Monday, March 25, 2013

Zone Conference in Stockholm 3/18/2013

Aldste Judd, Aldste Moe and Aldste Geddes at Zone Conference

Kloster Kyrkan, Eskilstuna
 We started off this last week with a trip into Stockholm for zone conference.  Zone conference was great and it was really cool to see all of the missionaries I know, but what was crazy was how many new missionaries there were.  Its like the mission just exploded.  We had training and we practiced certain planning and teaching skills.  The most inspiring part was hearing the stories of all of the Stake Presidents and how they came into the church.  One investigated the church for 13 years, nine of those years his wife was baptized and he refused.  He told about how grateful he was that missionaries never gave up on him and always tried to uplift him and help him see the beauty of the gospel.  Now he has an active family in the church and is a stake president in Stockholm. 
    On top of hearing the testimony of all of the Stake Presidents, all of the missionaries whom will soon be leaving Sweden to return home bore their testimonies.  All of them were amazing and you can tell by how they talk how much the mission has affected them, and how grateful they are for it.  I am already so grateful for everything I have learned here.  I look forward to everything else I have left to experience and learn here in Sweden.
    Right after Zone conference President Newell allowed Elder Judd and I to go to a temple session with our Stake President.  It was an amazing experience.  The temple is a wonderful place and no matter where in the world you are it is the same presence there.  God's.  Its a wonderful thing.
    This last week has been very interesting as we have been still getting used to the new area.  We didn't even have bus cards until two days ago so we have been walking everywhere.  I guess that helps us get to know the area a little better though.  
    The generosity of people will never cease to amaze me.  The Ward Mission Leader here in Eskilstuna was baptized a little more then a year ago.  He has had the missionaries over every week since to feed them.  At his house individual tables are brought out for each missionary sitting around the room.  The food is all brought out on silver platters while everyone is served coca cola in goblets.  He knows the blessings the gospel has brought his family.  He is so dedicated to missionary work and sharing the gospel.  He is an inspiration to me, and always will be.
   This next weekend is Easter.  Easter, or Påsk as called here in Sweden, is indeed a day to celebrate.  It is the day in which Christ our Savior, our Redeemer, defeated death.  Not for himself but for all, every single being, good and bad, that come down to earth to receive a physical body now have the opportunity to return to our Father in Heaven (Alma 40:11).  This is what the Church is ultimately centered upon, and the life of every Man and Women who call themselves Christian.  If Christ rose from the grave, then he lives, and we can too, forever.  If he lives then a path would exist for everyone to return to the Father.  If he lives the Holy Ghost would testify of it, and inspiration would be present on the earth today.  His true church would be present on the earth today.  I am so grateful that he does indeed live.  And he can be present in all of our lives, if we allow him.  And when we do we find peace, joy, happiness, and hope.  As a missionary I have the amazing opportunity to testify, and I do testify, that he lives, and through him so do we.
God Påsk (Happy Easter),
    Äldste Moe
Tracting every door

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