Monday, March 4, 2013

Transfers!!! I'm staying in Skovde.

This has been my last week with Äldste Geddes here in Skövde, he will be moving up to Södertälje as a zone Leader.  It has been awesome getting to know him and being trained by him.  I will be remaining here in Skövde and I am happy to be here.  The work has really picked up here in the last couple months, we have a ton of potential.  Elder Tietjen will be joining me here in Skövde.  Here in the Stockholm Sweden mission we have standards of excellence or goals to reach.  One of them is teaching 20 lessons a week.  This is not an easy task and in our time together Äldste Geddes and I have hit it twice and come close a bunch more but we really wanted to get it for this last week.  And teaching our last lesson on Sunday night we reached the 21 lesson mark.  What a way to end our transfer together.
My desk and study area.
   Over 30 New missionaries were supposed to have come in to Sweden tomorrow but they got Visa delayed.  Only 12 of the Elders will be making it to Sweden tomorrow, all of the rest will be heading to a stateside mission for a period.  We are praying for them and that their visas come fast.
   This week we found an entire family that are interested in the gospel and in learning about Jesus Christ.  The Father has even said that he believes in the restoration after we taught it.  There is one big problem though.  They cant speak any Swedish or English and we definitely cannot speak any Albanian.  We speak through their two small children who can translate a little and Google translate.
    Our Ward Mission Leader has made a new Ward Mission Plan that we are way excited about.  It allows members to find very casual ways to be missionaries and share the gospel according to their pace.  We will be using this next week to go around and talk with members about this new plan.  
P-Day with other missionaries. 
The weather is getting warmer and the snow is all beginning to melt away.  This means that soon we can start playing sports again.  A lot of Swedes and all of the immigrants here love soccer.  We were able to play tennis last week with some ward members. I am horrible at tennis but its fun just getting out and playing anything.
   Over the week we taught an investigator who has never really progressed that much but we decided to watch the Restoration DVD together.  After watching the DVD he referred to Joseph Smith as a true prophet.  And I know why.  When the DVD was talking about the first vision you could feel the spirit rush into the room.  It was amazing.  Every time the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ is taught with power the Holy Ghost will accompany the teaching and bear witness.
    Until next time,
        Äldste Jonathan Moe.

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