Friday, July 12, 2013

July 1st, 2013

 Hej from Vendelsö!
   I am officially out of the Big Eskilstuna and now in Vendelsö which is in Haninge Kommun, this is just south of Stockholm.  Saying goodbye to Eskilstuna was hard.  It is one of the most beautiful cities I have seen and the members there are so strong and so amazing.  I'll really miss all my new friends from Eskilstuna.  
     Elder Judd received Elder Stafford as his companion and my replacement in Eskilstuna.  They came to Sweden at the same time and so have not been in Sweden for that long but I know they are going to do so well there.  They're both great missionaries.
  My new area is a ward.  The first ward I have been in so far in Sweden, yet the second smallest area in Sweden and I have heard maybe in all of Europe.  The area has a very high percentage of members.  I was in church on Sunday and I just felt like a normal member.  In Skövde and Eskilstuna there was always something I could do to help the branch and I would either translate, help with the sacrament, give a talk, prepare a lesson, etc...  I sat in church contributing the best I could and being a good missionary but you can tell the ward is large enough to really function on it's own.  Meaning the members in the area are organized and enough of them to not be totally defendant on the missionaries for the ward function.
  We have an Investigator who wants to be baptized but he is addicted to cigarettes.  He has a strong desire and already has come so far in quitting.  I am so excited to help him and also to help the Vendelsö församling the best I can!  Basically, anyone who needs our help we want to help them. 
   My new companion is Äldste Schwabedissen.  He comes from Washington, and I have not yet met a Swede who can pronounce his name on the first try.  We are doing well here and rocking up Vendelsö.  I love my mission.  Please keep the letters coming.  I love to hear how everyone is doing.
   Äldste Moe.

New District in Vendelsö

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