Monday, July 15, 2013

New companion, new area, and one great mission!

Äldste Nightingale and I
 Geddes, Carr, Sanders, Me, and some other departing missionaries

    This last week was quite packed and interesting.  Elder Schwabedissen and I were only together for two weeks before this transfer.  On Wednesday morning, I left my companion to go and pick up a new missionary that had just arrived from the MTC, his name is Äldste Nightingale.  He comes from Minnesota, He is a really smart kid and already has the potential to be an amazing missionary.  
   We met with a couple who we are currently teaching and are going to be married in a few weeks.  We are so excited for them and know that nothing blesses the family or strengthens it as much as Jesus Christ his gospel and church are able to.  They were referred by someone who was recently baptized himself.  There is nothing better then seeing someone who has accepted the gospel and can see the beauty of the gospel and are then eager to share that with everyone else they know.
   When I was in Eskilstuna, Elder Judd and myself found a man who we taught and spent a month and a half teaching.  Everything was going well and then he received an answer that the church is true and was preparing for baptism on a certain date when I left and was transferred to Vendelsö.  I was very sad to be leaving right before the baptism but I feel blessed because I was able to be there for the Baptism.  I'm so happy for him.
  Everything is going well here in Vendelsö.  There isn't too much work right now but its getting better.  Also, I feel if we work hard and are dedicated we can help people who are searching for change in their lives.   This area is prepared and the members are amazing. I believe it won't be long until we see the promises of the second harvest unfolding.
Love to all my friends and family back home,

Sweden's Yellow Fields
Elder Judd, me and Staffan
  Äldste Moe

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