Saturday, August 3, 2013

Enjoying Summer

 Hej all,

All is well here in Sweden, it has been extremely hot here in Sweden, but its not bad compared to summers back home in the City.  Its similar though especially because of the humidity.  We have been enjoying the summer though.  One of the really cool parts about summer here is the fruit.  In Sweden there is a law saying that things which grow from the ground and aren't fenced in on someone's property can be used by anyone.  In Sweden berries grow all throughout the cities and forests.  So while walking around doing work you can just pick berries and snack a little.  The most common berries around are raspberries, blueberries, red and black vine berries.  They are all really good and its cool just having them growing everywhere.  It does seem as though summer is on the recline.  It is raining today and someone said there might only be two weeks left.  I hope we have longer.  I am not ready to bust out the rain jacket and winter coat out just now.  
   This last week, we were walking on the way to a neighborhood and on the way in stopped and talked to two ladies, we didn't talk much and they kept walking.  On our way out of the neighborhood they were just sitting on a bench waiting.  I had the feeling to talk to them again and they were looking at us.  So we went over and after a bit of talking they said they had actually been looking for a church to go to here in Sweden.  They agreed to come to church and meet sometime this next week.  Every time any promise is shown I am so grateful.  It is the best meeting new people who are willing to hear the message.  

   I realized this last week that I have been doing the training program since I began my mission and I have been in field for quite a time now.  I have seen how it has blessed my mission and will bless my life.  elder Nightingale are working here in Vedenlsö and doing our best to get things moving.  


  Äldste Moe
 Streets of Stockholm

Swedish Royal Guard

Train tracks

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