Monday, August 26, 2013

Södertälje! My new area.

Hi Everyone,

Well, the transfer happened and now I find myself in Södertälje.  A city to the south east of Stockholm, it's a beautiful city with a great ward.  It is not quite as big as Vendelsö but is still large.  The city is like Eskilstuna and has a large population of immigrants, so we meet with people of every nationality and have members here from all over the world.  For the time being this area also has a car and so I have had the opportunity to drive around Sweden and really see how beautiful the country is.  
   My new companion is Elder Leirimaa from Finland.  I have a great responsibility ahead of me and I hope we're together for a while.  Already we've been working so good together and we've been seeing miracles.  We're meeting with a women from Liberia who's finding/demonstrating strong faith in Christ.  This last week we've taught her the commandments that the Lord has given us.  Although she lives in a humble situation she embraced the law of tithing and is excited for the blessings that the Lord has promised us when we follow it.  She is on the road to be baptized the seventh of September.
   Another time during the last week after teaching a lesson and on our way out the wife of the house came to us and told us she always feels peaceful when we talked and when we're there. I responded  with "Det är inte oss" (that isn't us).   She then asked is that the Holy Ghost?  Both Elder Leirimaa and I then had the opportunity to testify of the Holy Ghost.  It's times like these that make being a missionary so rewarding.  
    I hope everyone is having a great summer and enjoying the blue skies and summer days.  All too soon we're going to get hit with a lot of snow and winter.  However, even the winter here in Sweden is beautiful in it's own way.  
    I'm doing great and love my new area.  I'm able to drive in this area now.  I get to travel all over my zone and so I'll see more of Sweden and meet more people.

 Leirimaa and I driving


My companion and I share this car!
   Äldste Moe

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