Monday, August 12, 2013

The work is slow but steadily moving forward!

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family photo-Elder Geddes, Judd, Nightingale and Moe
  This last week has been quite cool.  We had an amazing lesson with someone named Claes who is really fighting a smoking addiction and using the gospel to help.  He has made such good progress and is an inspirational example to me.  I am so happy for him.  We talked about the tree of Life and quite a bit about 1 Nephi 8 and Lehi's vision of said tree.  He talked about how the gospel does help motivate him to continue.  We then realized that the house he moved to is in a different wards area but that is better for him anyway as it will be easier to go to church as the building is a lot closer.  
   On Friday we had Zone Conference which was so uplifting and inspiring.  It was all about member missionary relations and how we can work with members and help them be effective missionaries.  President and Syster Newell have a son who just returned from his mission in the Paris, France mission.  He bore his testimony and it really is crazy to see missionaries who just came home and to talk to them.  It reminds us that the mission does have an end.  And with that comes some happiness but also some dread for its end.  At zone conference, elders Geddes, Judd, Nightingale and I were there so we got an awesome family picture.
Stockholm Sweden South Zone

Elder's Nightingale, Moe and Judd

Elder Nightingale and I
   This weekend we had the opportunity to find a few more people to teach who hopefully we will be able to meet with sometime.  This next week is looking very good and it looks like some exciting things should be happening here in Vendelsö!  I'll keep you posted!
I do love my mission and the area I'm in.  It's a hard mission but I'm learning and growing a lot.  I'm immersed in the work and it's rolling forward and I'm happy to be a part of it.  
  Äldste Jonathan Moe

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