Sunday, January 20, 2013

Yes, it's cold here!

Our centrum (Central) train station

Church of Sweden in Skovde
   So this last week our Investigator wasn't baptized but he will be this Saturday.  I am so excited that he is making this decision to come closer to Christ.  I am about half way through with the 12 week training program which is crazy to think about since I don't feel like I have been in Sweden that long.  In less then two months is my six month mark.  I am not counting down but someone said that the other day and it shocked me to think already so much time has gone by.  It feels like a blur.
Country Lake completely iced over
   The winter everyone had been promising me has come.  Its very snowy out and has gotten very cold.  Every time I look at the temperature its around -2 C.  So I have stopped looking at the temperature to say the least.  Its also snowed for the last couple of days and the sky is always gray.  Even though its always cloudy it is way bright out because of all the snow everywhere.  Its crazy how these kind of things can play tricks on you.  
   I got to visit another part of Sweden this week for district meeting.  We went and visited Karlstad.  It is a city with a large University next to it, although its further North then us it is not as cold because of our slightly higher elevation.  I really did love Karlstad and took some pictures, although its not as large as Skövde, Karlstad Centrum (Or Downtown) is a lot more built up.  So it was cool feeling like I was back in a bigger city.  Karlstad hasn't ever been known for having a lot of Baptisms or success but they had a baptism this last week and have five more scheduled in the next month.
  This week we had a day where three appointments in a row all called to cancel.  So we were left with an afternoon that was completely open.  We went to run by some Old Investigators because that's what we planned as a back up and we approached into a man who was looking at us quite a bit.  He told us immediately the origin of both of our names and was able to tell where we were from by our accents in Swedish.  He told us he used to teach English and  so could tell that but he knew about our names because he loves family history and history in general and knew the church through his Family History Research.  His name is Chris and he told us that he would be a Mormon if it wasn't for his addictions.  We asked him if he would like help with that and if he would like us to visit.  We will be seeing him later this week.  The Lord probably knew that we were needed there instead of at our appointments.
   Thank you to everyone who has been reading and writing to me.  I love hearing from people and I especially love hearing from my parents that people are reading the blog.
   Äldste Moe     

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