Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January in Skövde

      This week has been a very white snowy week.  We have had some very cold days here in Skövde but I realized I have acclimatized when today we went out and it was very warm, or at least felt that way then looked at a billboard that read it was 3*C.  We had a few white days this week which surprisingly has nothing to do with the weather.  A White day is when you look at your schedule the day before to plan and realize that you have absolutely nothing scheduled.  These days are some of the hardest as any missionary could attest to.  Its easy to stay happy when you feel productive and doing good.  But the only option we have is to never get down and do the best we can with that time.  We went through notes past missionaries have left and tried to figure out people who haven't met with missionaries for a while but may be willing to re-meet now.  Through this we now have a few more people willing to meet which will hopefully keep us occupied.  
      I've also been finding out more and more interesting things about Sweden and her culture over this week.  The Swedish government does an amazing job of registering citizens and keeping up to date census information.  The crazy part about this is its all open to the public.  If you type in a name or a phone number on this website it will give you a bit of information and where they live on the map.  Its weird to think how different governments deal with these kinds of things.  Another cool thing is Semlorna.  This is an early spring baked good and they are quite good.  They are cinnamon bun kind of things cut open to make a sandwich with a thick creme in between.  Another thing that has amazed me is the suns path.  The sun has yet to be above our heads although every day it seems like it does stay up for longer.  It peeks up and remains near the horizon then darts back down.  When its setting and rising you can actually look directly at the sun and it doesn't hurt at all, it almost looks like a yellow moon just because of how far away it is and how much atmosphere is in between you and it.    
     We visited a city named Skara which is the oldest town in my area.  The region of Sweden I am in is name Skaraborg after this town.  It was amazing seeing some of the first Christian churches in all of Sweden but also the old watchtowers.  You can tell a town is old if it has a tall stone watchtower in it from the mid-evil era.  We also went into Göteborg again for a training by Syster Newell.  Göteborg is the second largest city in all of Sweden.  It holds a beauty to it that is lacking in the U.S.  It has ancient buildings mixed in with modern style and architecture.  It is places like this that remind me slightly of home.  The big city with both the old and the new influence but with its own unique character and spirit everyone can pick up on.     
    This last week Issa told us of his will to be baptized.  He is going to be baptized on the sixth of April.  It is exciting to see people change and make their way towards Christ and his gospel.

   Äldste Moe

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